It feels SO good to be productive again

I can’t believe how good it feels to be back to work after what felt like months of quilting inactivity. You all are going to get tired of seeing this quilt but I finished the last couple rows of quilting and just had to show another picture of it even before trimming.

I also finished the 80 blocks I needed for this string top and started putting the top together. Hopefully I’ll get it assembled this weekend and then guess what I’ll be quilting on it? I need some practice turning the corners on the BF anyway – my lines are a little wobbly as I turn to go into the next fan.


  1. I love the blue strings quilt! The chunky pieced border is a nice touch too, and great for using up smallish pieces (or did you strip piece it in long strips?)


  2. It looks like we have another Baptist Fan junkie! Aren’t they fun to do? And so fast…they look great on your quilt! I’m so glad you’re having fun and being productive again…

  3. That turned out so pretty. 🙂

    And I’m looking forward to seeing the other done the same way! Are you using variegated or gray or blue or … white? thread on them?

  4. I’ve had my Circle Lord for a couple years – bought it second hand from a quilter who’d only used it once – and I’ve recently bought a bunch more templates including the big Baptist Fan. I got that one because I have a lot of tops of my own that I want to quilt using it. But I’ve still never even tried my Circle Lord. One of these days . . . .

  5. Your blue quilt is absolutely gorgeous – your quilting is outstanding and no, I won’t ever get sick of looking at pretty quilts. I love the next photo of your new string quilt, particulary like how you only used “strings” on half the block – I like the effect of the alternating block you’ve created. I shall be back to see it all in one piece.

  6. I will never get tired of seeing your string quilts…the blue one is just beautiful and the fans are just perfect. Your new blocks are wonderful! Can’t wait to get going on mine.

  7. Oh, Mary, your quilts are always so-o-o beautiful, I never tire of seeing them. Keep showing us–I NEED the inspiration! I ike the idea of a rod over your sliding doors for photo-ops. I need some way to photo mine.

  8. I’m a big fan of the Baptist Fans as well! They add so much character to a quilt. Good for you for buying it for yourself!! Looks fabulous!

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