An early start

I was up early this morning – unusual for me but I got to work piecing my bright strings. Since I was starting with fat quarters for this quilt rather than true strings, I’m cutting my strings from rectangles as show in the book. I have a few more sets to sew and then I’ll be able to start assembling my rows. I really like this technique – you’ll find it in a lot of books. I think the first time I came across it was in Jan Mullen’s book Cut-Loose Quilts: Stack, Slice, Switch and Sew but Gwen Marston also uses the same technique in her book Liberated String Quilts .

I also finished up the quilting on the 9 Patch this morning. I used the BF template again and if you look at the (L) side of the quilt the edge looks incomplete. There was not room for another arc so once the quilt is bound it won’t look like I forgot to quilt to the edge.


  1. Don’t you love that template? I’d use it on everything if I thought enough people would pay me for it, lol.
    I have a quilt coming up that I’m going to use it on.
    The apartment is really coming along, Mary.

  2. Mary,
    You sure have been busy!!! I’m glad you are loving your BF template! The Circle Lord is such a user friendly tool for longarmers!

  3. Wow! Another beauty by you, Mary!!! I love that baptist fan quilting and am anxious to use it on one of my quilts–only I don’t have a longarm 🙁 Wonder if I can do it with my Bernie….

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