I take over even MORE of the apartment

It’s not enough I took the second bedroom (along with a walk-in closet) and the den for my quilting but now I’m taking over the guest bathroom and the hallway between the den and bedroom. I love this table I bought from Joann’s. It folds up very narrow when I’m not using it but extends to create an extra surface when I need it.

I finished the binding on the Blue Strings yesterday and just have to sew a HeartStrings label on to finish it. I loaded my nine patch quilt on the longarm and started quilting – I’m doing the BF’s on in it too. If I can do more than one quilt with a particular pattern and without changing thread I like to save time by doing them back to back.

I also started making the strips for my new string quilt from the book New Cuts for New Quilts or at least for my version of her cover quilt.


  1. Nothing stops you now–with those new BF templates in hand *LOL*. I am interested in seeing your version of New Cuts for New Quilts quilt. I have been admiring that book for some time now.

  2. Oh, Mary! That’s so funny. I keep expanding too. Every time DH opens a closet, he says “oh, you already have stuff in here!”. How much room does he really need? 🙂

    Judy L.

  3. I have that exact table from JoAnn’s!!! Isn’t it just wonderful. And congrats on your “squatters rights claim” for all things quilty! You go, girl.

  4. oh, your nine patch is wonderful Mary! I say why not? take as much room as you need? I think the BF pattern looks good on so many quilt tops…looking forward to the new top you will be working on next.

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