Bright Strings

I finished the Bright Strings top tonight – I don’t have anywhere in the apartment that I can take a good picture at night so this was the best I could do – the top is folded in half and thrown across the top of the door to my studio. I REALLY miss the lighting in my studio in Marietta. The string colors are a little overly vivid – they’re not quite that bright in person.

16 thoughts on “Bright Strings

  1. What a great quilt! Love the colors, and varied sizes. I’ve read your blog for some time now. I hope you’re getting more settled in. You do some very lovely work.


  2. Love it! I have a bunch of 10 inch batik squares that we were supposed to stack a deck on for a guild challenge. I used some, still have many more. Do you suppose I could adapt this quilt to use those fabrics? Are these on a foundation or just pieced?


  3. This is a terrific quilt!! Just what I needed to see on a frigid, cold day here in NJ! Do you have any thoughts on how you plan to quilt it? Please post a picture when it is finished. I love the colors!


  4. The colors are wonderful – just like all your quilts! You are doing great at finding ways to display the quilts for photos. And I love the Online Photo Album – great idea.


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