This is how I’ll spend my night!

Keith is out of town so I might as well spend the evening and night picking out the mess I’ve made of this quilt! Luckily the bar stool from the kitchen is the perfect height – which I found out last time I had to pick out a row of stitching. I’ve already warned Mom that I’m making a mess of the quilting on this quilt.

7 thoughts on “This is how I’ll spend my night!

  1. My house usually gets VERY clean when I am picking out stitches. Pick for 30 minutes, decide that cleaning the bathroom sounds like fun, pick for 30 more minutes, clean the oven, etc.

    Good luck with the ‘un-quilting’.


  2. Oh, Mary–I’m sorry that you had a bad day at that machine and now have to un-quilt it. It happens, I guess but still, not fun. You probably did the right thing and just went for a walk when it was not going well.

    Chesty looks so cute in the picture. You can almost guess what he is thinking. Like a kid tossing his head back and eyes rolling.

    You really have done a great job with all the string blocks, stack the deck and I love how the Baptist Fans look on the blue strings—very striking and classic!


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