Another quilt show purchase

I think I read somewhere that it takes 3 items to be a collector so I guess I’m officially an antique quilt collector. I picked this one up at the Mid Atlantic Quilt Show. Grandmother’s Flower Garden is a favorite pattern of mine but not one I’d ever make myself. I do like to make hexagon flowers but can’t imagine having to stick with it long enough to complete an entire quilt.

My other two are one I purchased in Lancaster and the log cabin quilt I bought in Marietta at Little Quilts just before moving.

On a weather note, we have another large snow storm heading for us. I’ve canceled Chesty’s vet appointment tomorrow because with Keith out of town there’s no way I’m driving to take him and then pick him up (he’s having his teeth cleaned and a growth removed from his head and has to be put to sleep). They’re getting ready for more snow by stacking it up in the field across the street which now looks VERY ugly!

Most of the day wasted

I’ve had an ongoing computer problem that I’ve been unable to solve over the last few weeks so I broke down and paid for technical support from McAfee today. After 4 hours the problem still isn’t solved and will probably take up a good chuck of my day tomorrow as I try again.
I had to be sitting here at the computer but most of the time they were controlling my computer remotely so I pulled out a new quilting book Quilting Possibilities…freehand Filler Patterns (Golden Threads) (Paperback) by Sue Patten and practiced my drawing.
I can’t draw well at all but I find that if I draw things over and over until I’ve mastered them, I can quilt them. It may not look like it from this drawing but I can do fairly decent freehand feathers BUT I have a problem with quilting feathers that need to fill up a space – where they have to get larger and smaller. I really want to use some of these designs – do any of you have any tips to keeping the shape of my feather when stretching them out to fill the space?
I also tried some ferns.

Design wall

I’ve had several questions about the portable design wall I purchased at the Mid Atlantic Quilt Show. It’s too soon to say if it’s going to be worth the money. I set it up yesterday but it’s somewhat distorted – I’m sure I just need to take it down and try again but for now I have the Patriotic String Star blocks on it so it will have to wait.

The blocks seem to be holding fairly well even though they are heavier than normal because of the muslin base.

The size is 72 by 72 but the last row of this top is not going to quite fit as it it is 54×72 finished and my unfinished blocks need 76 inches in length.

It does fold up nicely in a small bag but I don’t see myself taking it down and carrying it with me.

I think it will probably work for me but not sure I’d recommend you go out and spend $125 for it.


I’m home with just minor flight delays – I think we’ve got about 14 inches of snow here on the ground but I’ve read different measurements so that could be wrong. There’s snow in the forecast all next week so maybe I won’t have missed all the fun.

Tomorrow I’ll try to catch up on mail and get back to work. I bought a portable design wall at the quilt show and am eager to put it together and put my string blocks up on it and I have a quilt of Mom’s that I’d like to get loaded on the longarm.

Quilt Show shopping

I just lost my entire post and am too tired to retype it so I’ll summarize.

Went to the Mid Atlantic Quilt show today to shop and see my older sister’s quilt hanging in the show (pictured above). We’re going back Saturday to see the rest of the quilts when my younger sister gets here.

Spent WAY too much money – I bought a quilt chest which has to be shipped to MN and an antique 30’s Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt, some fat quarters, and a book. Luckily, Keith is still speaking to me.

Winter storm predicted for Minneapolis this weekend and I’m worried I won’t be able to fly home Sunday as planned. Keith leaves for Denmark on Monday so a delay would be a problem. I guess Chesty could go back to the kennel if absolutely necessary until I get home but I’d hate for him to have to go back so soon.

Fabric balls

I was following links on Amy’s blogs and somehow got to an article that mentioned using those tiny strips usually tossed in the trash to make fabric balls. I’d bogged about my trash before and how colorful and pretty it gets during the making of a quilt and thought about getting a vase to layer the trash but I don’t really have room for it at the apartment so this caught my eye.

The house I grew up in

I grew up in Newport News, Virginia in this house that my Mom still lives in. With my parents, 6 kids, and other various relatives staying at one time or another it was crowded but somehow we managed.

Mom didn’t want me to post this picture of the house because she had the old shrubs next to the house pulled out and will have new ones planted in the spring and right now it looks pretty bare. We also had a large maple tree in the front yard when I was growing up but that one had to be replaced and this tree hasn’t grown as large.

A few daffodils are blooming in the backyard. Daffodils will always mean spring to me but I’m sure it won’t feel like spring next week when I head back to Minnesota!