1. Yes – I like that better. Not such a startling contrast. I would add a narrow light blue border around the outside before the final border to tie it all together – but that’s just me.

  2. judy, i love this latest rendition. i hope you don’t mind if i use it. the lighter blue is very striking, imo. thanks. i also think you should stay inside when the temperature is under 0. but that’s me in florida. patti

  3. Mary,
    GREAT job on the QOV…I love this one! And it made me smile to WCCO’s weather on your blog below. That was the station I watched for news when we lived in MN. It sure is cold, but great for quilting!!!

  4. It’s beautiful. Subtle, but strong.

    I was wondering if it would be okay if us Canucks made red and white QOV’s for our loval QOV program when our US friends are working on theirs in RW&B?

  5. I liked the cream one below but I do think I like this one better. Not quite as much contrast as the cream but the star still pops nicely. I might have to borrow this design from you.

  6. yes, this really is nice! how inspiring all this string designing is…love the energy it gives. thanks Mary for the inspiration.

  7. I love the light blue star. Actually, I like all the patterns you designed. I would like to make one like this for QOV. I have several RWB blocks for a regular scrappy one but will set aside strips for this one also.

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