Now this is cold!

So far I haven’t had any complaints about the weather – it’s been colder than I’m used to but I’ve been bundling up and still get out and do some walking, visit the bookstore, go to lunch but it looks like some serious cold is heading this way!
There was a post on the HeartStrings group today about Quilts of Valor. I’ve seen lots of messages on and off about that group but hadn’t really paid close attention because although I do lots of charity quilts I had the organizations I donate to all lined up. Today I went and took a look at the article posted and then the Quilts of Valor website and decided it’s time I make a QOV quilt .

So with my current obsession for string quilts – I decided to play around in EQ6. I liked the first two OK but the stars didn’t really pop. I tried some red/white strings too but that looked too busy. I like the white star in the middle the best but I may still play around some before I decide which one to use. I’m not sure what happened to the reds in the first picture but I’m not going to go back and redo it – use your imagination!


  1. I really like the bottom one –the star really stands out! I love the whole look! What a great thing to do. and you might as well stay inside doing that I would say! 🙂 brrrrrr!

  2. I’ve done several QOV quilts — it’s a good organization. Coincidentally, I made up several red-white-and-blue Heartstrings blocks today 🙂
    The picture of Chesty on the stool is too cute!
    Stay warm … stay in!!!

  3. Mary I like all 3…the 3rd one’s star really jumps out but I like the other 2 equally as well…Oh my goodness, stay in the house and sew…that is just too darn cold for anyone.

  4. Thanks to Nancy’s quilt blog, I found my way to yours and I must say…what a great site! I do almost all stash quilts, for charity, lots of QOV’s under our own community quilting resources in Salem, Oregon. It’s wonderful to meet other like hearted quilters. And I must say, your dog is too cute to even seem real! Loved my visit here, and all of your ideas and photos..I’ll be back 🙂

  5. I like the last one the best, too. In the first one I didn’t even realize that there was a star till you mentioned it and I went looking for it. It’s cold down here near ‘lanta, too- but not near as cold as you are.

  6. Okay…I’ll quit griping about our cold weather after seeing your weather forcast. I’m tired of winter and the cold.

    I like the middle star the best. To me the gold is too much, but that’s just my opinion!

    Hope you and Chesty stay warm.

  7. Yikes, Mary, that’s COLD! It’s only rainy and chilly in Houston, and I’m still staying in the hotel instead of prowling around town. Plan to play a bit with EQ6 today — how do you like it?

    The white star looks great!

  8. It is cold here in Chicagoland but not as cold by you. Have been playing with EQ5 and string quilt to. I love the Synnetry, Flip and Rotate Tools. I will post photos this weekend. I was planning on making two quilts for my sons.

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