Boarding and Doggie Daycare

With the move, we need to find a place to board Chesty when we travel so today we took him to Downtown Dogs in Minneapolis for an evaluation. In Marietta, we boarded him with our Vet and he stayed in a kennel. Downtown Dogs requires that you leave him for a minimum of 4 hours for the evaluation and he doesn’t have any experience with *free play* with other dogs so I was a bit worried about leaving him.

They do have a neat feature on their website – doggie cam – so we’ve been able to watch to see how he’s doing. We called to check on him once and they said he’s not really playing with the other dogs but he doesn’t seem to be stressed about being in with them. That’s Chesty – standing in the middle of the floor by himself.


  1. ohhh, poor Chesty all lonely amiid all those big tan dogs….reminds me of leaving a child in kindergarten for the first time (only mine loved it). I guess this whole procedure lets you know that they care about the animals, especially since they have that spy cam. Did you notice–Chesty’s watching you back!

  2. Oh poor little baby dog! As Gail said, that’s how I felt leaving my little girl at Kindergarten for the first time. For at least 2 weeks I’d walk home, get my car and park in the school parking lot to watch her at early morning “outdoor play”. Just about broke my heart watching her clinging to the Teacher along with 2 other little girls.

    I hope Chesty got a good evaluation and that you’ll feel comfortable leaving him when you travel.

  3. How could we miss that white ball of fluff? He looks kinda lonely but you never know…he might meet a friend or two. We hated leaving our Mr. Schultz but knew it was necessary from time to time.

  4. He DOES look kinda lonely!Being an AF brat my whole life, I DO know how it feels to be the ‘new kid on the block”. He will make friends fast. Hang in there Mom!!

  5. Awwww….. your doggy place sounds wonderful. Daisy has a “spa” she stays at sometimes when I’m gone. It’s a long drive for me to get her there, though. Last time, I called a courier service to take her. I was a nervous wreck until the spa called that she had safely arrived.

    Chesty looks like he’s just fine. Being a loner is okay! At least no one is picking on him! Wish we were closer because Daisy Dog and me would love to keep him for you!

  6. I bet he’ll settle down and have fun once he realizes you’ll be back every time to pick him up. 😉

    And I just adore your bright string quilt with the floral borders. If you hadn’t said anything about the two green strings in that top row, I would have NEVER noticed them… quit pointing them out! The main thing I was admiring is how the brightness of the strings just matches the brights in your florals. Great work!

  7. as long as he wasn’t bleeding when you picked him up, he’ll be fine. Just make sure they feed those BIG DOGS before you drop him off.

  8. ah, kind of a lonely little puppy. I’m sure he’ll get used to it and enjoy the doggie company once in a while. What a nice thing to have though, a web cam so you can assure yourself that everything is fine.

  9. Oh, little Chesty! He looks exactly as they described to you. Maybe he’ll make a friend after a little while. Amazing that he’s looking up at the webcam.

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