Mom’s Oak Leaf – done!

This should have been simple enough to quilt and I don’t know why I struggled so hard but at least it’s done now and ready to ship off to Mom along with her BOM I finished a couple weeks ago for her.

I don’t know how you longarmers deal with the stress of a customer quilt that isn’t coming out right – at least I can tell Mom she gets what she pays for!


  1. We say a few bad words, we stomp up and down the room a bit, we silently scream, and then we get a good movie to put in the DVD player, sit down and proceed to frog stitch. And try not to think of how much per hour we will actually be making when all is said and done.

  2. You have done a marvelous job……..and your mother is getting more than she is paying for!!! *LOL* Your mother is lucky to have such a talented daughter!

  3. You and your Mom sound like a dynamic duo– I can just tell. Wish my Mom quilted. She had to sew for me and herself when I was little because things were tight. She is retired from a job she work 25 years full time at, but just never found a love in sewing again….

  4. Mary,
    You sure have been busy!!! I just LOVE the colors in your string quilt…gorgeous! And ou did a super job on your mom’s quilt…as frustrating as it was! Are you staying warm???

  5. The oak leafes are so beautiful. I was quilting together with my mom earlier, but now she is not able to do that anymore, and I miss it. We had such great time togeter with our fabrics.

  6. Hi Mary, I LOVE your Mom’s Oak Leaf qult and your quilting is fabulous! What a lucky Mom you have! (I want my daughter to learn to do that so I can just make the tops. Ha!)

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