I think I created some confusion with my previous post. This pieced backing (which still looks pretty ugly in the picture) is on the back of my string quilt. I’ve finished the quilting and the binding that was rejected for the log cabin quilt is already machine stitched to the quilt.

After a walk downtown for a late lunch and a visit to the bookstore, I’ll sit and hand stitch my binding to the back. Did I mention I love quilting these Baptist Fans? They look great on my strings but you’ll have to wait until I finish the binding to see the front.


  1. I like the pieced backings and the Baptist Fans. I need to piece a bunch of backings and I just can’t scare up the energy! I hate doing backings.
    Do you need the whole Circle Lord setup to use the Baptist fan template? Not that I’m anywhere near ready for that, but I’m curious!

  2. I never thought about saving those pieces! Great idea! My grandma and mom owned a fabric store in the 1960’s and 70’s. I have A LOT of ugly fabric left over from that store. I use it for my backing on wall quilts. Sometime I should take a picture of all of my ugly quilt backs. lol!

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