Back to work

The boys left today to go home and I got a little work done. I had plans to go to my Mom’s next week but thought I was going to have to leave today to be there this week for one of her appointments. Plans changed again and I’ll still be leaving early but not until Friday.

I’ll be in VA for a little over a week and plan to work on making blocks for the Pink Ribbon string quilt while I’m there but in the meantime I needed something to keep me busy so I started making blocks for the Patriotic String Star for my QOV quilt. I had intended to start making a scrappy Pineapple quilt this week but I’m going to push that off until March.

I’d better be careful or I’ll start too many new quilts. My deal with myself is that I have to finish 2 UFO’s for every new quilt I start. So, I’ve just got a binding to sew down on a baby quilt that will be UFO #8 for the year. Even with that progress I’m going to fall behind with the start of the Pineapple because of all the new string quilts. I guess a better decision would have been to load another UFO on the longarm and quilt that before I left.


  1. At the rate that you are finishing UFOs I find it hard to believe that you could be behind! I love your dedication to finishing two UFOs before starting any new quilts. I too am trying to stick to my goals each month before starting something new. When I do this, a new project seems more like a reward and is free of guilt. As long as I have finished the project I set as my goal for the month, I am free to “reward” myself. *VBG*

  2. I haven’t finished any quilts this year – and you have 8! Good for you! I am trying to finish 2 quilts for every one I start too – so far it is providing me with good motivation to make progress on all my old stuff.Nice profile picture!

  3. 8 finishes in only 7 weeks – What is there to complain about?!? I think that is an awesome accomplishment!By the way, I met you briefly last night in one of my dreams. I posted about it on my blog just now. Funny how normaly I don’t dream or remember them btu now that I am pregnant I have the strangest dreams all the time! :c) ~Bonnie

  4. Two for one sounds like a good plan. I’ve only got eight or ten UFOs that need borders and backings, so I might adopt your plan!Beautiful strings. That’s what I’d rather be doing! Have fun at Mom’s.(hugs)

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