One disadvantage to the MN move

I think I’ve gotten spoiled flying out of Atlanta – direct flights everywhere and when they were delayed no worries about missing connecting flights.

My flight was delayed out of Minneapolis last night and I missed my connecting flight to Virginia. The plane was still sitting at the gate but they’d closed the boarding door so I was out of luck. Of course that was the last flight out and although the agent in Minneapolis said they would give me a voucher for a hotel if I miss the connection, the Atlanta gate agent just looked and me and told me they were *out* of hotel rooms.

Keith found me a room at the Airport Marriott and even called Delta and got them to agree to reimburse me via a travel voucher.

Unfortunately I had very noisy neighbors on both sides and got less than an hour sleep before heading back to the airport this morning. Now, after an afternoon nap to catch up on sleep I’m sure I’ll have trouble sleeping again tonight.


  1. Mary, my DH flew out of Minneapolis last night too. His 5:30 flight was cancelled, but he was able to get an 8:00 flight and made it home at 1 this morning. Good thing…we had tickets to see the King Tut exhibit in Philadelphia this morning! I hope you get some rest…

  2. Mary, I think alot of times they are SO focused on their “on time record” they don’t take care of the passengers! and my husband is a pilot!

  3. Oh boy, can I relate, Mary! I’m just home from the U.S. after nearly a month away, and I’m ecstatic to report that the flight from SF to Sydney was on time and no problems!Hope you catch up on sleep and that the rest of your trip is smooth sailing…

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