I’m home with just minor flight delays – I think we’ve got about 14 inches of snow here on the ground but I’ve read different measurements so that could be wrong. There’s snow in the forecast all next week so maybe I won’t have missed all the fun.

Tomorrow I’ll try to catch up on mail and get back to work. I bought a portable design wall at the quilt show and am eager to put it together and put my string blocks up on it and I have a quilt of Mom’s that I’d like to get loaded on the longarm.


  1. Oh Mary, I am so glad to read that you made it home. I thought about you all weekend. I even mentioned it to my dh while we were getting ready for Church yesterday about how I hope you didn’t get stuck b/c of cancelled flights b/c your dh was soon to be traveling to Denmark (I think that’s right) and I wanted you to get home to see him before he left.Can’t wait to see your photos of your design wall. What brand is it? I have been pricing them and dropping hints for a birthday gift 🙂 ~Bonnie

  2. Echoing in on the portable design wall. Would love to hear what you picked, I have the Block Butler that temporarily sticks to a wall and then your blocks are supposed to stick to it too ….. but they don’t …… so can’t wait to hear what you have …..please do tell !

  3. Glad you made it home. Was going to call but lost your cell#. Hope you’re feeling OK. Ann is really sick from something. I won’t ask what you girls might have gotten into this weekend. Some things are better left unsaid.Jamie

  4. Mary–glad you got home safe and sound! And sounds like we just missed each other. We flew through Minneapolis on Sat. and sat on the plane for 3 hours, first for de-icing and then they closed the airport for ice, more de-icing and finally off. We were glad that we got out of there! next time we’ll have to time our flights so we can meet one another!

  5. Aren’t you loving Minnesota yet? Looks like another round of the white stuff coming our way. I am working on the College quilt pattern you sent me a few months ago. I have all of the blocks ready, now I will be sewing them together in the next couple of days. I hope to post some pictures tomorrow or Wednesday. Oh yes, hey… how do I figure the triangles for the ends?

  6. Isn’t winter in Minnesota wonderful? I called my mom on Sunday and she hadn’t been out of her apartment since Friday night because of the snow.I’m glad you made it home OK and had a great time with your mom.

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