HeartString variations

There’s been some discussion on the HeartStrings group about the string blocks being too busy or even *ugly* when set together. Patti suggested pairing up a HeartStrings block with a solid background to create a Half Square Triangle block – similar to my Half Square Strings but having the strings run perpendicular not parallel. Rita suggested that an EQ drawing might help so I played about a bit.

I didn’t particularly care for the first version but did like the *X* version better. I decided to throw in an Hourglass version too similiar to my Hourglass Strings. I also think sashing these blocks is also a way to calm things down for those that find them too busy.

Keep in mind that I LIKE the blocks set straight and don’t find them too busy but I do like seeing lots of variations of the same quilt and I want people to like the quilts they’re making. I’ve enjoyed the discussion that this has generated on the list.

A couple links showing how to make the half square triangle blocks

Quick and Easy Half Square Triangle units

Half Square Triange Tutorial (also shows how to make the hourglass blocks)


  1. Wouldn’t you know it – I like the first version the best LOL! Different strokes for different folks. I hope to get back to stitching on my string blocks this weekend. My hour glass project is at a good stopping place.

  2. I have done the center version with a half step drop in the middle. It is called Kitchen Sink arranged that way.Maybe I should put up a picture in the file section?

  3. Great variety of designs. If you are hoping to ‘calm down’ the strings I think the first design is the best, although I like them done the original way 🙂

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