Last night before I went to bed I sat by the window awhile looking at the freshly fallen snow outside. There’s something so peaceful about a new snowfall at night.

I did get a pieced backing made for my string Chinese Coins quilt and it’s loaded and ready for me to start quilting tomorrow. I could make a few string blocks tonight but I think I’m going to go sit and read for a while by the fire after taking Chesty for one last walk for the night.

Keith wasn’t able to fly home as planned tonight. He was coming home from Denmark and got as far as Atlanta but the flight from Atlanta to Minneapolis was canceled. The next flight with open seats is not until 1:30PM tomorrow. With my trip to VA last week and his to Denmark this week we’ve been apart for two weeks except for last Sunday night. I guess I’ll just have to wait one more day to see him.


  1. Mary that is just the most beautiful picture…you are so right…it is just peaceful. Thank you for sharing it…from the Florida girl that loves snow…Carol

  2. I agree with you . . . new fallen snow at night is so incredibly peaceful and you have a perfect window for your viewing pleasure.Enjoy your time with Keith this weekend.

  3. Lovely mood in that photo. I love the stillness and the crisp, cold smell of a new snowfall at night. Perfect for a final doggie walk, a cup of hot chocolate and a book by a fire.

  4. Oh, Mary, it looks magical! Thanks for sharing that beautiful scenery – especially for those of us who are suffering from too much green grass and an explosion of poppy colors right now! 🙂

  5. The snow scene looks lovely, Mary, especially after spending the night on the floor in the living room because it’s SO hot here and that’s the only room with air conditioning!You and Chesty will be happy to have Keith home today, I know. Have a great Saturday evening together…

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