Home Safely

Keith finally got home this afternoon after being delaying in Atlanta for 24hrs on his way home from Denmark. We had dinner out and then relaxed in front of the TV. He drifted off to sleep and I worked on stitching down the binding on my String Coins – another quilt made for the HeartStrings project. I’ll take and post a picture tomorrow.

We did commit to a trip to Hawaii in April that we’d been talking about on and off for a couple years. It’s been a challenging few months and it will be good to get away together. Tickets are purchased so no changing our minds again.


  1. Glad to hear Keith made it home safe and sound. A trip to Hawaii sounds wonderful…it will be great for the 2 of you.

  2. oh Hawaii! My husband took the whole family after our daughter’s 1st yr in college…in Colorado. Poor little AZ girl froze! (hear the violins???) She had to fess up about a TATTOO before we discovered it on the beach! GEEZE! I bought Hawaiian fabs! LOVELY…

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