String Coins finished

I finished stitching the binding last night on the String Coins quilt and even got a HeartStrings label sewn on. Once it’s washed it will go in the pile with the other ones to be donated. The hearts and loops quilting went really fast so I was able to quilt and bind it yesterday. I didn’t have enough of the green print I wanted to use for a backing so I added 8 fat quarters and pieced it to make it large enough. The quilting blends into the print but shows up nicely on the fat quarters.

13 thoughts on “String Coins finished

  1. I love the color choices! I was in a quilt shop yesterday that sells more vibrant colors. I thought of you, lol. And how I needed to think “outside the box” with some of my fabric selections.I am 1/3 finished with the college quilt pattern you gave me. Once again, thank you so very much! It is turning out great!


  2. What a nice happy quilt. I enjoy bright colors. I do like the machine quilting on it. Adds a nice happy touch. Thanks for visiting my blog. Keep well! Happy quilting!


  3. This is one of my favorites! This is a very cheerful quilt against a very stark landscape with all the snow you have been having! Did you freehand the hearts and loops or is that a panto? You did an excellent job–very appropriate for the heartstrings project.


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