Binding and label finished

This top was donated to the HeartStrings Quilt Project by Lori in CA for me to quilt and finish up. I took this picture outside and there’s a pinkish glow to it from the setting sun. I’ve been washing quilts all day and have a stack ready to donate. Hopefully, I’ll get out in the next couple days and donate them all.


  1. oh wow Mary – you are very fast!! You say you’ve been washing – did you tea dye this one? it looked white in the first photo you showed. I like the finished quilt a lot! Great job to you and Lori!! ~Bonnie

  2. ok…. I see…. I just read the email you wrote to the heartstrings group where you said:“I just put the last stitch in and took a picture. There’s a pinkish glow to the quilt from the sunset.”I love the pinkish glow to it! :c) ~Bonnie

  3. The colours in this is SO great. It is so wonderful that someone makes quilts and donate them. In the Norwegian quilt association we collect quilts and donate the to hospitals who has children with cancer.

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