Patriotic String Star

I couldn’t sleep last night and got up to make a few string blocks. Decided I’d make the last 20 I needed for my Patriotic String Star and by the time I was finished it was too late to go to bed. Keith and I planned to go to breakfast before he headed to work and I knew I’d never get up at 6:30 if I went to bed at 4:30 so I decided to stay up and assemble the top.

This isn’t the greatest picture but I really love how this top turned out and Keith really liked it too. We went to breakfast and now I’m going to bed!


  1. Your string quilt is stunning. All your quilts have such vibrant colors and show up on my computer screen like a huge smile!

  2. Wow Mary you’re on a roll! I don’t remember staying up the whole night since “final’s week” in college!Your String Star Quilt looks fantastic!! Happy Weekend & sweet dreams to you today :c) ~Bonnie

  3. Your pictures always inspire me to get OFF the computer and back to the sewing machine! I’m slogging thru borders. I hink I don’t like them as much as I hate loading on the frame!!!

  4. So ya pulled an all-nighter, huh? If I had better light in my quilting studio I’d probably do the same…not sleeping well these days!The quilt turned out SO well, didn’t it? It’s a very strong design, and I love the subtle play of colors in the blues and reds…another great job, Mary!

  5. What a fantastic looking quilt – and one would hardly know it was a string quilt. I just can’t imagine staying up all night. I hope you feel rested by now.

  6. Mary,I read your post on my blog about my son’s problems. I never did yell at him…and LOL…he did call me tonight and thanked me for NOT losing my cool with him. I guess it’s one of those “baby steps” that he needs to take. He did say it was the worst day of his life!Laurie

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