Quilt donations

I donated eight quilts to the Ronald McDonald house in Minneapolis this afternoon. They were piling up and I ran out of room on my shelf so it was time for them to move on. Six of the eight were HeartString Project Quilts.

17 thoughts on “Quilt donations

  1. Wow, what a lovely pile of colours and patterns. I bet they were glad to receive this lot.I don’t know if I could part with the chinese coins, I think it’s gorgeous, but I’m sure they’ll be appreciated in their new home.


  2. Mary, those eight recipients of your quilts will be thrilled, I’m sure, when they see how much love and carewas stitched into each one. Your patriotic string star is just fabulous! What a wonderful layout and use of colors!


  3. What a wonderful looking stack of quilts. I bet they were just thrilled to get them. So many wonderful bright, cheery colors. The heartstrings group – and you as the fearless leader – have done well.I got my postage stamp quilted today. Hope to make the binding and machine stitch it on tomorrow. By the end of our sewing day next Saturday I’ll have my first Hotel Hope quilt done for donation.


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