I’ve been sewing some Pineapple blocks the last couple nights after Keith goes to bed. I’m back off schedule – sleeping late and then staying up most if not all of the night. Usually it’s not a problem but I was supposed to cook black beans today and now I don’t have time. I could either run out to get something to cook (no grocery store run this weekend) or I could call Keith and tell him we have to go out to dinner – again.
I also started an interesting book about Catherine the Great on Saturday night. If you haven’t noticed I started keeping a reading list on the sidebar. I was only sporadically posting what I was reading so I’m trying this for a while to see if I keep up with it better.


  1. Your pineapple blocks look just lovely, they look like they’d be wonderful scrap-busters too. I think they may just have to go onto my list of ‘to do one day’ blocks.*hugs*Tazzie🙂

  2. Oh, I just love this quilt! Your colors are gorgeous!! Every time I see someone post a pic of Bonnie’s Pineapple quilt, I think I HAVE to make me one. 😀 One of these days…LOL

  3. mary, this is so beautiful. scrap quilts are my very favorite, i think, and this is a terrific example. great job…and your donation quilts are beautiful too. always enjoy ogling your photos

  4. those pineapples are fun – I wish I could stay up late and sew but after work, I am not functional enough to work at the machinehappy sewing

  5. Your pineapple blocks are fantastic, you always manage to make the most gorgeous scrap quilts. Thanks for putting your reading list on the sidebar, I’ve tried a few books that you have mentioned in the past and have enjoyed them, so I’ll be checking the list often.

  6. I agree with vicky- you are inspiring me! the last time I tried this was a sad, sad result-your blocks are wonderful

  7. Very pretty, Mary. I’ve got a bunch of blocks that were started in a pass around project some years back (pre move to AL so 10 plus) but they are foundation pieced and 12 inch finished. This might be a project that should just be scaled back smaller if it is ever going to get done. AND a pile of 7 inchers too that I pull out periodically and work on–some of those short strips from the string blocks would work well on those.

  8. I love pineapple quilts. This is a great scrappy one!I see Linda Fairstein in your sidebar. I like her books, too. I have to check Amazon’s picture of the cover to see if I’ve read Bad Blood. I remember covers, but not titles!

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