I’m still on the sleep half the day and stay up all night schedule. Keith was in town last night for dinner and gone again today. He comes back from Florida tomorrow and leaves for California on Sunday. When he’s out of town a lot I get really bad about staying on a *normal* schedule.
Yesterday I quilted this top Lori in CA donated to the HeartStrings Quilt Project. I’ll try to get it bound today; and I made more Pineapple blocks. I have 20 made now but lots more to piece in order to have enough for a king size quilt.

7 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. The pineapple quilt is growing steadily and looks great. I also like the quilting on the other one, must have been fun to do. You seem to get a lot done, I’m quite envious.


  2. I’m about two weeks behind on reading blogs. How’s Chesty doing?I love the quilting on the top Lori send you — is it a panto? Are the Pineapple blocks paper-pieced?


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