HeartStrings Quilt Project Blog

I’ve created a blog to share all the wonderful progress being made on the HeartStrings Quilt Project. Neither the website or the Yahoo group alone have been ideal for sharing information about donations or upcoming events. I’m hoping with the addition of the blog – I can share photo’s and stories of the quiltmakers and groups participating in the project on a broader scale in a more timely manner.

You can find the site here: http://heartstringsquiltproject.blogspot.com/ and make sure to click the subscribe with bloglines.


  1. I like this new blog…I didn’t pay attention to whether a person can leave comments over there or not-and I am with you-the noreply emails …well, what can a body do?what wonderful new ideas you are coming up with! I just love the inspiration as it keeps gathering more and more ideas and fun energy!way to go Mary.

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