I’m trying out the Featherz template I bought with my Circle Lord tonight – I’m not crazy about my results so far as my lines are kind of wobbly but the template is easy to use so I’m sure I’ll improve once I practice some.

I’m quilting a top purchased on eBay that I’ve had sitting around for a few years. You’d think I generate enough UFO’s on my own that I wouldn’t have needed to purchase any additional ones but I bought a few tops before I realized I should just focus on finishing my own tops.

Spring is coming to Minneapolis! The restaurants on Nicolette had their outside seating set up and Keith and I walked downtown and ate dinner outside. Nice!

5 thoughts on “Featherz

  1. I’m looking at the template and can’t even imagine how you would use it!How wonderful that spring is coming, I bet you’re looking forward to it.*hugs*Tazzie🙂


  2. i’d also like to know how you use the template.Here in Australia we are in the Autumn season (my favourite) but on Friday you would have thought it was still Summer as we had a top temperature of 35C.


  3. I’d love to see you ‘practice’ piece. I’ve never seen a posting that references woggly stitching with the Circle Lord. Someday I hope to get the C.L. THANKS


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