I’m off to Georgia tomorrow

Keith and I are heading to Atlanta in the morning. We’ll stay tomorrow night at the Ritz Carlton that Adam works at and take him to dinner to celebrate his birthday. Chris and Becky will join us so I’ll see both my boys.

Then we’ll spend a couple days at Stone Mountain where Keith has a conference and I plan to relax and read.

Chesty went to daycare/boarding late this afternoon. Between this trip and the upcoming Hawaii trip he’s going to think I’ve abandoned him.

I’ve got my Pineapple blocks partially assembled and may get the blocks completely together tonight. The small lap quilt I was using the Featherz template on was progressing well until I made a significant error on the last wreath – that one will have to come out and be redone so it will be waiting for me when I get home.


  1. Have a wonderful trip! I know what you mean about Chesty and abandonment…. I took my Snoopy to the boarder twice in a three week period last fall. =/ He was thrilled to see me when I got back tho. Lots of attention and all was forgiven.

  2. Oh, poor Chesty. He’ll be so happy to see you again, though. What a great time to visit Atlanta; everything’s in bloom as you know.

  3. Lucky you! I have been to Stone Mountain and loved it there! Will you have time to visit the “Little Quilts” store since you will be so close?!?!Enjoy every minute!

  4. I hope you pack your allergy medicine with you. We are having great weather but the pollen is off the charts. Have a great time with your boys!

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