Home again

One last sunset on the Big Island

What could be better than sitting on the beach in Hawaii, in the shade of a palm tree, reading a good book?? However, I was SO happy to get home this afternoon and run to the kennel to pick Chesty up. We had a wonderful time but 10 days was such a long time to leave my baby!

I have tons of pictures but once I go through all the disks I’ll create a Hawaii album on Picasa so those of you who are interested can take a look.

I have lots of running around to do tomorrow but hope to get back to quilting on Saturday.


  1. Welcome back–you were missed!!! Beautiful shot of Hawaii and your new profile photo is great. My family and I were in Hawaii many years ago and it truly is a paradise. Anxious to see your photos.

  2. Don’t tell Lisa you went to Hawaii. Kevin turned down a trip there last month. Lisa is still angry to say the least. Jamie of Bowie

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