Home again

One last sunset on the Big Island

What could be better than sitting on the beach in Hawaii, in the shade of a palm tree, reading a good book?? However, I was SO happy to get home this afternoon and run to the kennel to pick Chesty up. We had a wonderful time but 10 days was such a long time to leave my baby!

I have tons of pictures but once I go through all the disks I’ll create a Hawaii album on Picasa so those of you who are interested can take a look.

I have lots of running around to do tomorrow but hope to get back to quilting on Saturday.

8 thoughts on “Home again

  1. Welcome back–you were missed!!! Beautiful shot of Hawaii and your new profile photo is great. My family and I were in Hawaii many years ago and it truly is a paradise. Anxious to see your photos.

  2. Don’t tell Lisa you went to Hawaii. Kevin turned down a trip there last month. Lisa is still angry to say the least. Jamie of Bowie

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