1. Some of those are really nice quilts! I like your pineapple one better, even if your husband doesn’t! Great movement, and the center blocks and corner triangles all being different colors really draws my eye around the quilt. 🙂And I’m jealous about your Hawaiian vacation! So did you get any fabric there?

  2. Hi,Yes, I’ve been following the auction and I was surprised that no one was commenting on it before you. I noticed that thus far the quilts that are going the fastest, and for the most money, are the more functional utility quilts that are done with a limited # of block types and are a functional bed size. There seems to be an overabundance of sampler type throws that aren’t going as quickly. I myself donated a few sampler blocks to my local store – makes sense as far as collecting blocks go – several people make several blocks in an style they want and they then are sewn into a sampler top. However, for the sake of selling these quilts for the highest bid, it might make more sense in the future for shops to request only one or two types of block – what do you think? Just a thought – it would be a shame for all those sampler quilts to end up as orphans. LJ

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