Keith and I are celebrating our 18th anniversary today. Since we just got back from Hawaii we’re having a low key celebration this evening at home.

After running some errands and walking through the park to get some lunch at Joe’s Garage, I decided to work a bit while Chesty and Keith watched TV (they’re really napping but the TV is on).

I’m not really crazy about my quilting on this – it’s one of Mom’s quilts and she said I could practice on it. I’m trying a overall leaf meander and I think it’s kind of thready – not terrible but not great.

24 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. I’d be sooo happy if I could do anything even close to what you’ve done on this quilt. I guess a lot more practise and maybe a longarm machine would help. I love the pattern.


  2. I’m pretty drawn to that quilting… I think it’s attractive! Hey, if it’s really that bad, you can always send it to me. 😉Anyhow, congrats on 18 years!! Impressive number. 🙂


  3. Congrats on the Anniversary!I like the look of the leaves in the picture — lots of definition, but I know what you mean about thready. I have a stencil for a leaf meander, but I’d rather get brave enough to freehand it — I’m not wild about marking quilts! vbg


  4. Anonymous

    Beautiful quilt…..but all of yours always are….love you blog….and Happy 18th Anniversary….that is really wonderful…..


  5. Happy anniversary Mary. Your quilting is beautiful – the shapes of your leaves are nice, and your stitiching doesn’t look shakey like it can when you are just learning. Keep going and you might change you mind by the time your are finished. Don’t forget that when you look at the quilt loaded on the longarm, it is held very flat which doesn’t display it to its best advantage.


  6. Anonymous

    I love the quilting on this quilt Mary. It is beautiful.I hope you will use it again. Happy Anniversary!yes tv on and husband taking a nap…happens here too!Kathie


  7. the quilting looks great to me Mary-and happy anniversary too! love how the Chinese coins top turned out-you keep working with those strings and you are bound to see the bottom of that bin!


  8. Belated happy anniversary!Your Chinese coin quilt is lovely and I feel like starting one, but will hold back – I need to do some other things as well 🙂


  9. Actually I think it looks great and the minute I saw it I thought “I’m going to have to save this picture so that I can remember and do something like it some time.


  10. Deb

    I think thready can be a good thing. Think of it as an additional design element. I think it looks great. But then I’m the queen of thready. What are you going to do in the applique blocks?


  11. Ruth Putney (Ruth in Tucson)

    HI Mary and Happy Anniversary! I admire people in long happy marriages because I know it’s not all roses and champagne. Congratulations! And I love the quilt, to me the quilting is the perfect accent. It shows up light on the blue and dark on the white, like you planned it that way. Ruth in Tucson


  12. I join the others to congratulate on your 18th anniversary and on the nice quilting you made on your mum´s quilt. I love your chinese coins, can´t wait to see it quilted. Take care.


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