8 thoughts on “Carol’s HeartStrings top is quilted and bound

  1. Lovely! I have printed this photo and … one of these days … This looks like a quickie – and great use of scraps. Thanks for the photo. Quilting is wonderful, and DONE is better!


  2. this is a beautiful quilt, amazing its a scrap quilt! Just goes to show what we can all make with the fabrics we have already! Kathie


  3. Carol makes such striking quilts–I am on another list with her. Can you tell me about what size she made the string sections? It is hard to judge from the pictures.


  4. Hi, this is Carol E. who made the string quilt for To the Top. I made the string pieces 7-inches, finished to 6.5″, then set them on point as you see. It was just a random choice because the first square I trimmed looked good at 7 inches. Not very scientific! Thanks, Mary for your beautiful work. The binding does look fantastic. Wish I could see it up close.


  5. Oh Mary – this looks terrific! Another inspiration for my drawers full of strips. I think I have that pantograph but I’m not sure. I know I’ve never used it. If I do I think I’ll put it on the other 30’s Hotel Hope quilt.


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