Leftover strips

I had plans to use the leftover strips from my Pineapple quilt for rail fence blocks and set them on point. I’m tired of the two bins being in the way so I started making some blocks this weekend and decided I didn’t like them.

My solution was to cut them in half and I’ll sew them back together like this photo. Of course, I realized as I was laying these out I’ll need mirror image blocks so will have to cut sets of 4 as I go along so I don’t get to many going one way.

Grand Rounds

I’m trying to get back into a walking routine. Keith and I have been walking some at the nearby park and yesterday we did a 5 mile walk. Although I walk just about everywhere I’m not even close to logging the kind of miles I was last year training for the 3 Day Breast Cancer walk. As a result (and thanks to too many dinners out!) I’ve been regaining the weight I lost last year.
Today I got up early and finished up Mom’s quilt except for the side borders ( I have to trim and reload it on the longarm) and then took off for a 12 mile walk.
I love the pathways along the Mississippi River.


Keith and I are celebrating our 18th anniversary today. Since we just got back from Hawaii we’re having a low key celebration this evening at home.

After running some errands and walking through the park to get some lunch at Joe’s Garage, I decided to work a bit while Chesty and Keith watched TV (they’re really napping but the TV is on).

I’m not really crazy about my quilting on this – it’s one of Mom’s quilts and she said I could practice on it. I’m trying a overall leaf meander and I think it’s kind of thready – not terrible but not great.

Chinese Coins top finished

I got the final borders on this morning. I wasn’t sure yesterday how much I was going to like it but now that the top is finished I do (like it). I don’t know if anyone else is working on Chinese Coins for HeartStrings so I may or may not get additional sections for another quilt.

I wasn’t using a pattern and debated how wide to make my sashing strips and borders. I did searches on google and webshots looking at other versions before deciding on 2 inch sashing and 4 inch borders.

In response to a question about the size of my coins – they’re trimmed to 5.5 inches wide. My sashing was cut 2.5 inches, and my borders cut 4.5 inches. The overall quilt is 55×70. I would have made it a bit longer but the green fabric turned out to be only 1.8 yards and not 2 as I originally thought. I barely squeaked the sashing, border, and binding out with just the piece below left – how’s that for cutting it close?

Chinese Coins

I debated what I’d work on today and the Chinese Coins won out over loading another quilt on the longarm.

I put the sections I have up on the design wall and can see a few I need to move around. I had thought I’d use the blue fabric for the border and sashing but I like the green better.

Can I get this top done today? I still need to make about 2 rows of coins and I also want to walk downtown this morning or afternoon to grab a bite to eat and visit the bookstore.