Use the Stash Challenge

Judy has issued the use the stash challenge for May so after several conversations with Mom today this is what I’ve decided to do.

I’ll be visiting Mom in a week and while I’m there we’ll work on two stash quilts together that will be donated at Christmas time through her church’s Angel Tree.

We’ll make a version of this Sandy Bonsib quilt using a tea dyed muslin I’ve had for a while for a background and her leftover strips.

We’ll also make a green lap size version of this quilt I made for Chris and Becky but we’ll use greens and beige fabrics. I have all the strips cut but they’ve been sitting around for almost a year now so it’s time to use them.

Today I pulled fabric and fused the houses for the Bonsib quilt and I’ll work on stitching them down by hand using the blanket stitch. There’s only 3 of them in the quilt but we’re going to add one for a total of 4. Mom doesn’t think that’s enough of them but I think more would be overkill.

I hadn’t pulled out Sandy’s Folk Art Quilts book in a while but look at this log cabin on the cover – that would make a great string quilt. I’ve been wanting to try some free form log cabin blocks using strings anyway so maybe I’ll give this one a shot – after I finish up some other projects. Evelyn recently posted a heart quilt that reminded me of one I made from this book.


  1. I still just love that wedding quilt-every time I see it, I want to make at least one! Please make sure to post a picture of the green version. I’m eager to see your Bonsib collaboration quilt, too.

  2. both your plans sound great! I recently won a bunch of double 4-patch blocks in blue & white, similar to your red & white, so I appreciate the inspiration. And, I’ve made a couple of quilts out of Sandy’s book — love it!

  3. I love that book by Sandy Bonsib. We had her as a guest at guild a couple years ago and got to see almost all the quilts from the book. They are all so wonderful – even way better than they lookin the book!

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