I’m tired of this already

I made myself work on my scrappy spiderweb blocks but I’m already tired of working on it and the quilt has been downsized so I can finish it sooner. It will still end up being about 54×68 or maybe a few inches bigger depending on my final border decisions. I did finished making the block quarters and have half of the blocks sewn together today.
I’ll load another quilt on the longarm and maybe the next few days I can alternate between quilting and getting this to the finished top stage.

Does anyone else do this? Start out with grandiose plans for a large quilt and get bored?
By the way, that innocent looking dog at the top of the page, got into my batting again – twice!


  1. It certainly is hard to get motivated to work on a project you aren’t trhilled with, especially when you can think of all the other possibilities! I can relate to starting out with grandiose plans, then suddenly deciding that hey, maybe a pillow would be better! LOL. You are not alone!

  2. bad doggy! I know what you mean about getting bored, it could be why I tend to have more than one project going at a time and/or keep out (as in plain sight) the NEXT project I want to do so I know I have a reward when I finish the one I’m tired of.

  3. Yes! I get bored with big projects. I love making smaller, child-size quilts for that reason. I know you are bored with it, but your spider webs look great, and it’ll be a handsome quilt.

  4. Boy, can I relate, Mary! Especially because I seem always to work so large: queen size or king. Now that all the baby quilts have been made and no more babies looking like appearing on the horizon, I’m kind of stuck with the big ones. Plus I have this weird fixation that a wall quilt isn’t a “real quilt” or something.So, I often sag toward the end of a project and pine to start something new. Still, I really like how the spiderweb quilt is turning out…persevere!

  5. Please do not get tired of this. It is going to be so beautiful. I love this spiderweb look on it. And your dog is so cute. Innocent but…….. LOLHow do you change the top picture so often. How do you make them ?? I want to change mine too, but have no idea how to do it.

  6. yes, I get bored with a pattern sometimes, and the best thing to do is exactly what you haev decided to do and make it smaller!that is better to do than put it aside to become a UFO!It is a great pattern, but it is a bit hard to look at…it makes my eyes go all whirly! LOL. Maybe even a small sashing in between the blocks might ease the whirly effect 🙂Good luck with it, once it is complete it will look great folded in your donation cupboard (which I love by the way!)You are a very generous person!Also thank you for your kind comments on the pink mystery quilt I am working onxx

  7. I like to alternate between projects – it does help prevent me from getting bored. And – good plan to make a top smaller if you don’t love it – but I do try to finish everything that I start – sooner or later! Maybe not YOUR favorite quilt, but it very well probably will be loved very much by someone who gets it!Cheers!Evelyn

  8. I think everyone has downsized and I have had quilts grow larger too. They start out as small wall hangings and end up as lap quilts. I think either way, they become what they are meant to be.

  9. I ‘m with Diane on this, we could be twins. Actually, when I see many many identical blocks in quilt, I may not even start it at all for fear of being bored enough to stop for good. And, like Diane said, I have this odd notion that all my quilts should be bed sized. Lately I have made and enjoyed some small ones, but what will I ever do with them? Forget about wall hangings, DH doesn’t like me to hang anything on the walls- puts holes in the walls you know. Sheesh!

  10. I love this!! I’ve done it with 3 or 4 strips but never with 5…I like….I like! Bigger blocks gets done faster.. *LOL* I think it is so optically fun!Bonnie

  11. Yes, unfortunately — too often, hence the UFO pile. This is pretty wild! I think your eyes might need something restful for sashing, border. However, I just bet the finished project will be spactacular, knowing how clever you are!

  12. Yeah, I get bored, too. Deadlines help! LOLI’ve found that cutting a portion of the quilt and then piecing those blocks, and then cutting again and piecing breaks it up for me. It’s a beauty.

  13. I’m SO glad I’m not alone in this problem! I thought I was the only ADD quilter out there! I usually have at LEAST 3 projects at once…and work on them round robin.

  14. Mary – would you consider writing a tutorial for your spider web scrappy quilt? It looks great and appears easy – a favorite combination of mine.Mary

  15. I love this quilt! My girlfriend in IL and I visit your blog and we have both commented on how much to like the optical illusion of movement w/this block. Stick w/it! In the end, you will be more than pleased. And yes, I always have grand plans that need to be scaled down once reality hits!

  16. if down sizing the quilt helps you to get it done, then that’s the best thing to do. I know i’ve done that in the past.

  17. ALL the TIME! At the beginning the whole project is in my “How Hard Can It Be” file, then half way through it transfers to my “What Was I Thinking??” file.

  18. Chesty was just trying to help…quality control ya know?Good dog. Momma, put the batting up where he can’t get it!

  19. OH YES! I get bored (or sidetracked) easily. Which is one reason I have so many UFOs! But I do like your quilt. And you really can’t expect me to believe that angelic little dog was bad!

  20. Bored, sidetracked, distracted, disillusioned, sceptical, frustrated, and just plain irritated. Then again tomorrow the same quilt may be enlightening, inspirational, daring, and exciting. Does that much me a fickle quilter? most likely. Have you ever wondered what the quilt blocks may be saying about you?!

  21. You may be tired of it, but it still looks fabulous! I really want to try this! (No, no Patti! You must finish the strings and the crumbs and the customer quilts first!!!!) What a perfect use for the strips in my drawers!!!So Chesty likes batting 🙂 Shadow likes toilet paper. If we don’t pay enough attention to him – his idea of enough, not ours – he gets even by going into the bathroom and eating big chunks out of the rolls of toilet paper. I’m amazed it doesn’t “clog his system”!

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