Thanks for all the feedback on the spiderweb quilt. I woke up this morning intending to rip out the sashing I’d already sewn but I’ve decided to just finish it up. It’s tempting to just set the whole project aside but I know that it won’t turn out as bad as I think and in the end it will make a nice donation quilt.
I did finish quilting this top that was donated to HeartStrings by Lori in CA. I leave for Virginia for a week on Friday so the binding may have to wait until I get back. The color in the first photo is truer but the 2nd one shows the quilting – another pantograph called Fay Feathers.


  1. I am wondering what the true color of that fabric is–I guess the one that shows the quilting best is altering it by the infusion of light.Hope you have a good time with your mom. You have been super busy qulting and working on Heartstring projects so a little time away from it will be good. I don’t blame you a bit for reassessing/resizing the spiderweb if it was not keeping your interest up. Life is too short to work on stuff that doesn’t.

  2. Probably the best decision on the spider web anyway–I’m sure whoever it goes to will love it!I love the quilting you did on this new heartstrings quilt–beautiful!

  3. What a pretty quilt Lori donated to the HS Project! Your Fay Feathers really shows up great – hard to tell that it is a pantograph.I am proud to report that I got lots of chinese coins sewn together today!!! 🙂 Take a look at my blog to see them… I am hoping to get more made before mailing them to you. ~Bonnie in SE Texas

  4. Great job on all the quilts. Your longarm work is wonderful. Thanks for the information on the books concerning aging parents. I’ll have to look some of them up.

  5. Love the quilting on the heartstrings quilt and glad you decided not to rip out the work on the spiderweb. I actually kind of like your husband’s choice — but then again, I’ve been told I have a weird color sense.

  6. I just love her pantographs. I don’t have this one – in fact there are a bunch of hers that I love that I don’t have.

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