I’m ready for a new hair style (I think)

Not the most flattering photo but one taken of me a couple months ago showing my gray hair and chubby cheeks. I’m not going to color the gray – too much time, expense, and upkeep for something that doesn’t really bother me but I’m ready for a new haircut.

Here are some styles I’m considering – does anyone have any opinions that would help me choose?


  1. I agree…..number fiver (or one) will be nice on you. The girl in photo 5 even look likes you. My boyfriend commented my grey stripes (LOL) some months ago. He asked if I had coloured it this way.

  2. Now I’m no fashion icon, and have very short grey hair, but I think definitely 5, and you could change to 1 if you decided to grow your fringe to a longer length, and sweep it to one side.All the best, Susan (UK).

  3. Well, I like both 2 and 5. 2 has the advantage of being not quite as short, so the change wouldn’t be quite as extreme, but 5 is really cute too.Can’t wait to see what you do. I cut mine really short a few years ago…DH really didn’t like it, so I let it grow again. The best thing about long hair? You can put it up in a clip.

  4. I like 5. but as they say, you have to like it first. You can always grown it a bit. I loathe going to the hairdresser…hat getting cuts. I have been known to weep bitter tears when I get home…But, – at least the dogs love me regardless!

  5. I like 5…I had my hair colored for about 20 years…I started turning grey at 30 and couldn’t deal with it, about 4 years ago I stopped getting it colored, got it cut pretty short and let the grey grow out. When it’s shorter it doesn’t look so bad growing out. Now it’s totally grey and I love it. I still keep it rather short…kind of like Dorothy Hammill, a semi bob/wedge. You just have to commit to letting it grow out and don’t let anyone change your mind once you’ve made the commitment. I’ve saved tons of money and countless hours.

  6. I agree with you about the gray. I can’t see what the big issue is with gray hair. We earn it! I too don’t like spending time or money at the hairdressers. I haven’t been to one for about 30 years. I picked #5 and when I read the comments, so had most other people. Can’t wait to see what you chose and how it looks.

  7. Wow! You weren’t kidding! You really want a change. I too like 5 but it is a shorter version of what you have. Are you looking for a change or shorter hair? Change would be 1 or 2.

  8. I agree with the majority – #5 is a good and easy cut. It will look good on you.I’m not ready for grey. My hairdresser colors and cuts my hair every two months. I touch it up on the off months.

  9. My favorites were 5 first then 2. 2 has longer bangs though so you would have to grow them out first. I think 5 has what I consider the most important thing in a haircut… easy to care for.

  10. I like No. 5. I think it would be the lowest maintenance of the grouop. I am always looking for something quick and easy when I need a change.

  11. My word – number 5 is popular, but it might depend on how much ‘lift’ you can get. A short ‘do’ requires returns for cutting to keep the shape. Regarding hair color – I’ve used a Clairol rinse-in — with short hair I can get 2 uses from each box at $5.99. It lasts me about 8 weeks, and looks really great, covers the gray, leaving mine quite natural looking, but ‘freshly colored,’ with a healthy shine, etc. I’ve used it about 15 years, with no damage to my hair. The problem with going gray, is that the shine goes, and our wardrobe colors no longer apply, so that’s why I like this rinse in. Also, sometimes it takes the hairdresser a few tries to get it how you like it – be brave.OK, now all the Internet knows what I use! LOL Good luck. We’ll be watching to see.

  12. #5 and #2 would be my vote…but who am I to offer advice, I get home from having my hair done and jump in the shower and then fix it totally different. As for the grey…I wear mine with pride. 😉

  13. I’d choose #5. Looks relatively easy to keep and as others said, my first thoughts were that she looks like you!

  14. I think that #5 is similar enough to what you have that it would be easy to grow back in if you don’t like it short after all. It would be a change, but not a radical change.

  15. If you want something totally different I would go with #3, but that means layering your hair and once you do that it takes forever to get back to one layer again. If you don’t want something drastic, then I would stick with #5. It is shorter but similar to your current style and would be easy to maintain.As my father always told me, everyone looks beautiful with a smile on their face!

  16. I immediately scrolled down to the bottom to post before reading anyone elses’ imput first 🙂I don’t know if you wnated us to “vote” but if so I say go for #5 and possible get some frosted looking highlights just a few to accent your grey 🙂 The other styles are cute – but for me woudl be too much upkeep in them… I don’t enjoy standing in front of the mirror that much.Happy Memorial Day Weekend – now to hit post and read what everyone elese said ;c) ~Bonnie in SE Texas

  17. I have to say I looked at the pics before reading responses and said FIVE for sure! I think you would look adorable in that cut. Also, go for highlights, not a whole color. I get highlights (foil) and the color hides some of the grey (which i am not hyper about) but adds body!Good luck!Laurieps…mankato would NOT be my choice to live either!

  18. I’m with the #5 crowd. Your hair looks like it would naturally go that way, and not fighting nature makes for easy upkeep. I’m with you on the not coloring–I stopped 10 years ago and don’t regret it at all. You can spot poorly colored hair a mile away!

  19. Isn’t that funny. Not even looking at the other comments I thought “5!” What fun! I’ve had my hair short and there’s not much new I can do with it. Just cut when it gets straggly, but it is easy to care for.

  20. Like everyone else, I’m voting for 5, with 2 as a second option. But I think 5 would fit your face nicely and wouldn’t be too much trouble to fix.

  21. OK, I’m weighing in with #5 — it accentuates your lovely eyes and cheekbones, and is easy to keep. You won’t have to work hard to keep it looking good. The cut has some layering, which is great for fine hair. Which reminds me, it’s time for a cut. 🙂Mary in the Springs

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