Thanks for the advice

I was all ready to get my haircut but the salon was closed today so I’ll go tomorrow. I decided on a slightly shorter version of #5. Several people suggested highlights but I’m going to pass on any color. Thanks for the advice and when Keith gets home later in the week I’ll have him take a new photo for my profile.

Today was one of those days that I didn’t feel like I accomplished much – too many small tasks I guess. I went out around lunch to ship off quilts – one to Pam and one to my Aunt, visited the bookstore and had lunch at Panera. Then spent part of the afternoon reading and checking things off my to do list in the sewing room. Now I have 3 packages ready to mail out tomorrow – one to Mom with background blocks and setting triangles for an applique quilt she’s working on for me, one for a fellow stashbuster with a pattern, and some Chinese Coins for Becky who will use them to make a HeartStrings quilt.

Finally this evening I started piecing blocks for another string quilt – this one is also a UFO so it will eventually mean one more checked off my list.


  1. Hi Mary, I have been having computer troubles all day, so I couldnt send you a note to say, I have put you on my blog, & have started to make a Spiderweb quilt, because I liked yours so much!Thankyou for posting the PDF, I am using that. Glad you sorted out the hair dilemma.

  2. I like #5 as well but I think the basic cut is the same on all of them. The big difference is the styling. I love my short hair!

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