There’s a reason I like quilting pantographs ….

and overall freehand designs. I struggle to get a smooth flow between designs in different areas of a quilt. This is a table quilt pieced by Mom that I’ve been quilting. (It’s for my sister Ann)

I had intended to leave the blue squares without quilting but realized they needed something. The little feather flowers in them aren’t too bad. The quilting in the beige squares looks better in person than it does in the photo. I like the swirls in the flower backgrounds but it’s not great in the border.

Debbie gave me some ideas for quilting the flowers – my starts and stops need improvement. It’s done and I’m not too distressed about it so I guess it will do.

Chinese Coins #4

I probably won’t get a chance to make this top before I leave for Virginia on Friday but I’ve worked up the EQ file and posted instructions on It’s titled Uneven Chinese Coins – as usual – my quilt names are pretty uninspiring. I have the perfect purple border/sashing fabric for it.

Keith is going to be home the next couple days so we’ll have some time together before I head off. I hope to reload the table quilt for Ann and finish it up before going to Mom’s but we’ll see how it goes.

Playing with the longarm

Sandra from Stashbuster was here today and we played around on the longarm. She brought a quilt top but we decided that playing around on mulsin would be better for her first time. She was so nice that she left the top for me to finish and donate even though we didn’t get to work on it.

I took photos of some of her hearts and leaves to share. These are two of my favorite allover freehand patterns so I always have people try them out. I can tell she’d be pretty good at this with just a little practice.

Here’s Sandra holding the quilt top she left – pretty isn’t it? It will make a great donation quilt. She hasn’t even see these photos yet because she went straight to work from here and now I’m going to finish picking out the border stitches and reload the table quilt for Ann.

Frogging again

I was making good progress on a table quilt made by Mom for my sister Ann today until I had to unpick the border. What a pain as I’m trying to get it done before going to Virginia on Friday. Sandra from Stashbuster is coming over tomorrow to play a bit on the longarm so I’ll try to have it all picked out so I can reload it after she leaves.
I stopped in at the Circle Lord booth at MQS to check out the new swirls template (which I ordered once I got home!) and Kay took this photo of my sister and I and mailed it to me. Thanks Kay!


We’re home from Ft. Lauderdale and had a great time visiting family. Samantha’s High School graduation party was lots of fun and she’ll be off to the University of Florida in a week for the summer session.

Chris drove down from Marietta so we enjoyed seeing him too …if only Adam and Becky had been able to make it I would have been completely happy.

Do you want to write a book?

I’m getting ready to head to the pool to read a bit and was checking email first and wanted to share this.

I was up late Wednesday night checking out this site – Blurb, downloading the software, and slurping my blog into a book.

You’ve seen the little books that you can create at the photo sites right? I’ve been tempted to order one but they’re very limited and I didn’t like that I had to work online to make them.

Blurb has software you download and tons of options and formats. I’ve already slurped my blog and am in the process of editing it. It takes a ton of editing so it would probably be easier to start a book from scratch but since I use my blog as a journal I like the idea of having it in a book format. I’m having to replace some photos because the resolution is too low and edit out some content but it’s great.

I can see lots of ways I could use this program personally and if you’ve ever wanted to write a book or publish a book of your photos you’ve got to take a look!