Birthday Fun!

Keith surprised me with a new digital camera that I wanted (in addition to the livestock!) so we took a walk across the river and had a leisurely lunch at the Bulldog pub. The sky was threatening as we walked home but the rain held off for us.

Click the album below if you’d like to see more photos from today.

Minneapolis June 2 2007

15 thoughts on “Birthday Fun!

  1. What a smart husband – it looks like he thought ahead and had it charged so you could begin clicking photos right away 🙂 Thanks for sharing your views of the city! Happy Birthday!!! ~Love from TX, Bonnie


  2. I used to be jealous of Mary Tyler Moore living in Minneapolis, but now I’m jealous of you. It looks like such a nice city. Great pictures.Happy Birthday.


  3. Happy Birthday from one Gemini to another! However, as of today you are officially “older” than me!!! My numbers don’t change until Thursday!!!!!


  4. Mary, Happy Birthday wishes! It’s been fun to see Minneapolis through your eyes! I was there over three years ago in the Fall and thought it was beautiful then. I’ve enjoyed the Winter and Spring through your eyes!


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