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Nancy had a very interesting post on her blog about letting go of all the *rules* and just having fun with her quilting. I posted a comment over there about my perspective but thought I’d post here too because I think it’s something that many of us deal with.

This might not surprise those of you who read my blog but what motivates me and makes me happy in my quilting is being productive and making and donating quilts. (That’s not to say that being a quilt factory and blindly mass producing quilts is what my quilting is about.)

I don’t have *rules* for myself but I do have* goals* and it sounds like I just use a different word for the same things Nancy talks about – curbing my fabric buying, using the stash I’ve already accumulated, finishing UFO’s, and making a number of donation quilts.

I set goals for myself and then work toward them – if I don’t accomplish everything I set out to do then I focus on how far I did get toward my *goal* rather than beating myself up over breaking a *rule*.

So Nancy’s *rules* make her unhappy but my *goals* make me feel productive and happy. Since as Nancy said so well quilting is something we do for fun, I think she made the right decision for her quilting.

As for me – I’ll continue to set my goals and work toward them.


  1. I like goals too. The past few months, even though I have accomplished a little, I have been lost without my goals. It keeps me on track when I have to have something done by a certain time frame, but since I get bored easily, I have to work on other things.

  2. Just another illustration of “different strokes for different folks.” I like to think of “goals” as a more personal thing. Something between me and everyday life. “Rules” are something that are set by someone else. Goes back to what I have said in other posts……… have to do what is best for YOU and hopefully, the end result is happy quilters!

  3. I think you are both right – goals and rules are quite different in my dictionary. I am totally goal oriented and work best with goals. Not so much with rules – like not buying fabric. It is good to remind outselves that it’s a hobby and to have fun!

  4. As a quilter, I think I fall somewhere between you and Nancy. Or maybe a better description might be schizophrenic! LOL! Like you, I like goals, and I’m most “productive” (not sure that’s exactly the right word) when I have goals, but like Nancy, I think I set too many deadlines and find I’m starting to look at quilting as less than fun. I think we’re all on our own personal journeys towards quilting nirvana and just need to find the right balance that works for us.

  5. Nancy makes some great points – quilting is my hobby and I want to enjoy it. Otherwise I’ll call it a job (or give it up completely)!!I do like having a destination in mind when I quilt, which is why I love making donation quilts. I make some for me (or loved ones), but I think I get most satisfaction from taking a bunch of fabrics and creating something for unconditional giving 🙂

  6. Mary – your comment to Nancy’s post is so good. It all comes down to how each one of us looks at life’s journey. I agree with Nancy that I don’t like rules (especially now that I am retired), but I agree with you that we do better when we have goals. Thanks for sharing your perspective.

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