More Coins

I finished up my list from Sunday and I’m partially through quilting the Rectangle String quilt.

I decided to load another HeartStrings quilt first and I finished quilting that one this afternoon but I haven’t taken a photo yet. I was in too much of a hurry to make a backing and load the 2nd quilt of the day. I usually procrastinate loading quilts and it’s unheard of for me to load 2 in one day – I’m very proud of myself!

I also started playing with the layout of the 2nd Chinese Coins quilt from the sections donated by HeartStrings quilters. I thought I had enough of my favorite black fabric to do this but am having to settle for a grayish black in the interest of using my stash whenever possible. The sections sent in were 5.5 inches so I’m cutting these in two – one section is 3.5 inches and the leftover section which is 2 inches will be used for the pieced border. The coins in the drawing are brighter than the ones I’m using too – I might just have to make this quilt again in the future with black and brights.

I saw a photo of a similar quilt somewhere on the web but don’t know where. I first saw this type of layout in an antique quilt – maybe in Gwen Marston’s book Liberated Strings – that quilt used a red sashing.

I really like the look of the shorter coin sections and with enough coins for 6 or more quilts I want to use different patterns. Feel free to send me links to your favorite Chinese Coins quilts.

I also uploaded two instruction sheets today to the webite – the Off Center 4 Patch backing as requested and the instructions for the easy Chinese Coins version used for this quilt and this one.


  1. Awesome, Mary! I’ve never quite been a fan of Chinese Coin quilts, but this pattern has converted me. Elaine is right: it’s your combination of putting together the right color AND proportion that makes these quilts sing. Thanks for enriching our world (and sharing your great patterns and tips!)

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