New Pantographs

Usually I finish a quilt and bind it immediately but I was in the mood to quilt so yesterday I loaded and started a second HeartStrings top which I just finished. Both quilts were quilted with new pantographs and since neither one is bound – I’m just showing these photos of the quilting.

The Rectangle Strings was quilted with a pantograph called Feather Me by Mereth. I picked it up at the Golden Threads booth at MQS. The longer circular sections gave me a bit of a challenge as my new machine just does not move all that smoothly but I love the looks of the quilting on this quilt and the wobbles aren’t too noticeable on this busy top.
I had a chance to talk with Gammill at MQS and it was suggested I check my track and try to run the machine in manual mode to see if it made a difference. Well it does run much smoother but there’s a reason I bought a stitch regulated machine! I’m going to give them a call and see if there’s anything I can do to improve how it moves.

The Blue HeartStrings quilt was pieced at the MN area sew-in the end of April and was quilted with a pantograph by Lorien Quilting from Willow Leaf Studios called Happy Times. What a quick easy pantograph and it looks great – I’ll be using this one again too.


  1. The purple is just plain yummy! love the wide floral border on it and the quilting is wonderful.BTW…the more I see your cute haircut the more tempted I am to cut mine off…oh, if only my hair was straighter, or at least less curly!Pam @

  2. Fabulous!! I just love the rich colours, & think that quilting makes them perfect. I wish I could afford to have mine done professionally.

  3. Love the quilts! Didn’t realize you were struggling with your Gammil Wheels. You may want to seriously consider some edgerider wheels. Made a huge difference in my curves. The other thing that I worked with was the placement of my power cord. HTH – Jan

  4. fabulous quilts….and great quilting as usual Mary- I love your haircut-as I am going in today…it’s tempting to have it all cut off again-however, I want to grow it longer so I guess I will stick to my plan…

  5. The quilts are great, and I like your new pantographs. I like the new pic of you on the page. Isn’t there some kind of stuff you can put on the wheels so that they move more smoothly – not graphite, but it seems to me there was something else, maybe a wax on the track?

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