Found it

I went looking for the coins quilt with red sashing and found it in a folder of old computer files. The file is dated 2003 and if I remember correctly it was an antique quilt for sale on eBay.

I have the center of mine together and as I was sewing the sashing on I remembered why I usually avoid sashed quilts – especially sashed quilts without cornerstones but I chalked my lines and I think everything is lined up really well – I must be getting better at it because this is the 3rd one I’ve done in the last year without problems. As you can see from one of my inspiration quilts – the maker was *sashing challenged*. I also found the webshots link to the other quilt – this is the photo I’d saved on my computer at some point and used to design my quilt in EQ6.

I really wish I’d bought this quilt back then. It really appealed to me flaws and all and the memory of it has been in my head for 4 years.


  1. Hi mary!I have seen a quilt like the one you posted from ebay , a friend of mine owns one! The sashing fabric on hers is red too! A quilt I have always wanted to reproduce. I love yours in black too. thanks for sharing that picture.Kathie in NJ

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