HeartStrings Chinese Coins

Here’s the 2nd HeartString top from donated Chinese Coins sent in by group members. From computer to finished top in less than 2 days (while working on other projects too) is pretty quick but it helps when the coins are already sewn. The first top can be seen on the HeartStrings blog.

These coins were made by Teresa and given to me at our April HeartStrings Sew-in. Although I got lots of sections from other group members, Teresa’s were perfect for this quilt because she used the same width strips and all her sections were 12 inches. I trimmed them down to 3.5 inches and the leftover 2 inch sections were used for the border. I have plenty of her coins leftover so I’m going to make a version of the red coins quilt too.


  1. I’m tellin’ya, you put us all to shame. I love this top too! Slow down, my list of wanna do’s gets longer with everyone of your posts

  2. Wow miss a few days and you go all quilting crazed!! Great job on all the finishes Mary! You have run rings around me for sure!

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