My plan for day

More quilting……Keith’s in Denmark until Tuesday night and it’s raining outside (a good reason to avoid the long walk I should be taking) so here’s my plan – it’s a little ambitious so it might carry me further than today.

In no particular order

  1. Load and quilt the Patriotic String Star with the Ebb and Flow pantograph (won’t that kind of give it that wavy, flag blowing in the breeze look?)
  2. Cut and stitch the Lizard Strippie that I didn’t get to the other day
  3. Finish the binding on the Rectangle strings – just a little more than one side left to do
  4. Make some more Half Square Strings blocks

These triangles were cut for me by Mom (she helps me out in exchange for quilting services) about 4 years ago and were intended for a king size string quilt for my MIL. For many reason that I won’t go into here – that quilt was never made.

I finished one HeartStrings quilt earlier this year but the basket has been sitting by my sewing table since then waiting for me to use them up. I made a couple blocks to photograph last night as I was writing the Half Square Strings instructions to post on the site so I’ll work on these blocks and take a break from Chinese Coins for a bit.


  1. I want to visit inside your head sometime – you are so organized, disciplined and prolific! I would like some more of that for myself. I can’t seem to operate without at least 10 projects in some state of development.

  2. Wow, Mary! You are like the energizer bunny or something. My computer time was very limited while I was away so I was not able to see what you and Heartstrings had been up to. Or tell you how cute the new haircut looks!

  3. A very ambitious list of projects. I don’t know how you get so much done! I never seem to have enough hours in the day.The pineapple blossom is beautiful, Mother will love it.

  4. mega wow…gorgeous quilting on your mom’s quilt-wonderful quilt instructions you have put up for everyone-you are being very generous in doing all that extra work-many, many thanks Mary. the quilts with the chinese coins all look great and no, I am not tired of seeing them-fabulous work!

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