Playing Hooky

I had every intention of working today after walking Chesty in the park but it was such a beautiful day I decided to walk downtown rather than work.

I first went to Barnes and Nobles and bought Lean Mean Thirteen by Janet Evanovich and the latest issue of Mark Lipinski’s Quilters Home Magazine. When this magazine first came out I thought he was way over the top and trying too hard to be different and out there but I have to admit I have grown to like his outrageous comments and commentary. I’ve only seen 1 quilt pattern that interests me but I’ve been consistently buying the magazine.

Then I went and sat outside and read by the Orchestra Hall – I can’t tell you what a beautiful day it was – in fact Keith got home from Denmark and was calling my cell trying to find me because I wasn’t waiting at home for him (not that it’s a bad thing that he realizes I’m not ALWAYS waiting for him to come home).

When I got home Keith and I took Chesty for another walk in the park and then we got takeout and ate dinner on the balcony overlooking the park.

I didn’t work at all except for posting an instruction sheet for the Rectangle String quilt on

By the way, Debbie blogged today about the side clamps we bought at MQS – she had to convince me to try them but they are WONDERFUL – the best $20 I’ve ever spent on my longarm. She posted photos so go take a look.


  1. I love Janet Evanovich’s books–I didn’t know “13” was out yet. Now I do. Now I may need to make a trip to the bookstore or walk my fingers over to Amazon! LOL! Interesting to read what you had to say about Quilter’s Home. A shop owner I know gave me a free copy–I think it was the second or third issue–and I thought the same as you. Unlike you, though, I haven’t bought another–maybe I will, since I trust your judgment. And if I don’t like it, I’ll send you the bill! LOL! JK! Hey, I’m reading “Complications” now and am enjoying it. Well, maybe “enjoying” isn’t quite right, but it’s very interesting and is holding my attention, especially considering it’s non-fiction. Have you read Gawande’s second book? I just saw that at Amazon today. Long message–sorry! LOL!

  2. Mary, I love that quilt! It’s good to see it quilted and ready to go when needed. So have you finished Janet’s new book yet? I have read all of her books and need to go buy the latest.

  3. as much as you have been working – it’s good to take some down time and enjoy the beautiful day you had-what a lovely photo..looks quite restful.awesome job on the latest quilts-I like them all-especially the quilting you have been choosing to do.

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