Do you want to write a book?

I’m getting ready to head to the pool to read a bit and was checking email first and wanted to share this.

I was up late Wednesday night checking out this site – Blurb, downloading the software, and slurping my blog into a book.

You’ve seen the little books that you can create at the photo sites right? I’ve been tempted to order one but they’re very limited and I didn’t like that I had to work online to make them.

Blurb has software you download and tons of options and formats. I’ve already slurped my blog and am in the process of editing it. It takes a ton of editing so it would probably be easier to start a book from scratch but since I use my blog as a journal I like the idea of having it in a book format. I’m having to replace some photos because the resolution is too low and edit out some content but it’s great.

I can see lots of ways I could use this program personally and if you’ve ever wanted to write a book or publish a book of your photos you’ve got to take a look!


  1. Thank you for posting about Blurb!! It is exactly what I have been looking for to document our sons’ weddings, plus my xanga blog, my dh recipes… list goes on and on. Thank you, thank you!!

  2. I love Blurb! I am in the process of making a family cookbook to give to everyone at Christmas. It is not going as fast as I would like it, but I think it will be a neat gift!

  3. My granddaughter made us a book for Christmas with photos of her and her mom’s trip to Hong Kong. It was so professional! I don’t know what online program she used, but wow-what a concept! Good luck with yours!

  4. Well,I downloaded it and I am having so much fun!! I am going to do a book based on my blog as it records my quilting. Otherwise, there is no recorded of what I do…..thanks so much!!!

  5. Really interesting site. Please let us know how the book is coming along at various intervals. It sounds like great fun! (Do I have the time… I’m already doing more blogging than sewing…)

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