Playing with the longarm

Sandra from Stashbuster was here today and we played around on the longarm. She brought a quilt top but we decided that playing around on mulsin would be better for her first time. She was so nice that she left the top for me to finish and donate even though we didn’t get to work on it.

I took photos of some of her hearts and leaves to share. These are two of my favorite allover freehand patterns so I always have people try them out. I can tell she’d be pretty good at this with just a little practice.

Here’s Sandra holding the quilt top she left – pretty isn’t it? It will make a great donation quilt. She hasn’t even see these photos yet because she went straight to work from here and now I’m going to finish picking out the border stitches and reload the table quilt for Ann.


  1. She did a great job! It is hard to so it first try. I have played with a few machines. Feels akward to me. The only machine I didn’t feel gawky right off was on the Ken Quilter. Is that a sign?

  2. I would say that Sandra looks like a “natural” at it. Looks like you had a fun time together, Mary.I have that “chain” quilt pattern on the pegboard above my cutting table and keep looking at it wondering if it could be resized in some manner. Looks like Sandra has it all figured out to me—just scrap the last outer row and it looks plenty big enough for lap sized quilt. My usual criteria when one of the girls ask if a quilt is big enough—how well does it cover you??

  3. Gorgeous quilt! Her first efforts don’t look bad at all. A few charity quilts and she’ll be ready to go! How nice of you to help her out, too.

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