1. You said you and Keith were going walking! Looks like he is supervising Chesty and his new doggie buddy. He has been around all kinds of doggies lately with your recent trips.

  2. Mary,Too cute! It sure sounds like you are loving living in Mpls. How I envy you! Your quilts are awesone too. I am finally getting caught up after our trip! Enjoy your trip to Virginia!HugsLaurie

  3. Is your park separated into a big dog section and a little dog area? Or just one big spot?My sister once took my dog to a dog park that had a big and little area and my 80-pound dog turned into a big baby when she saw all those big dogs! She was dragging her feet and resisting pretty hard. The folks in the little dog area felt sorry for Missy and told my sister to let Missy play with the little dogs. Missy was so much more in her element that way! 🙂

  4. Chesty looks like he is having fun!!! Your description of Mpls makes me want to visit. I love your site and your quilts are so beautiful and inspiring.

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