There’s a reason I like quilting pantographs ….

and overall freehand designs. I struggle to get a smooth flow between designs in different areas of a quilt. This is a table quilt pieced by Mom that I’ve been quilting. (It’s for my sister Ann)

I had intended to leave the blue squares without quilting but realized they needed something. The little feather flowers in them aren’t too bad. The quilting in the beige squares looks better in person than it does in the photo. I like the swirls in the flower backgrounds but it’s not great in the border.

Debbie gave me some ideas for quilting the flowers – my starts and stops need improvement. It’s done and I’m not too distressed about it so I guess it will do.


  1. It looks great! You are way too hard on yourself. Remember our comments about some of those quilts we saw in Kansas? This is way better than those.

  2. I struggle with trying to figure out what to put where. I love the feathered flowers here. I’m practicing swirls and ribbons today!

  3. I can barely see the border, even enlarging it, but what I can see looks good to me. You have an idea in your head, and it doesn’t match up, but the rest of us can’t see what’s in your head, so the quilting looks fine!

  4. It looks lovely — I think we are way harder on ourselves and our own work than is necessary. Besides, practice is what makes “perfect” right?

  5. It’s done?! It’s gorgeous! The quilting is fantastic! I can’t imagine not being 100% satisfied with this quilt!!!

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