We’re off to the airport

No sewing for the next few days but I packed some yarn for a prayer shawl.

I posted an instruction sheet on MaryQuilts.com last night for the Patriotic String Star quilt that I made for Quilts of Valor – it has the binding machine stitched on and I’ll hand stitch it down when I get home.

My Sidebar reading list was getting too long so I also added a ~Reading List~ page over there with the full list.

See you on Sunday!

Ft. Lauderdale

I just got back from taking Chesty to Downtown Dogs for boarding while we’re gone this weekend. We’re heading south to Ft. Lauderdale tomorrow morning for my niece’s graduation party and we’ll be home Sunday. He’s adjusting well to boarding so I don’t feel so bad about leaving him. Today there was another little white dog that you can also see in the webcam photo but Chesty is the one in front facing away from the camera.

I spoke to Michael from Circle Lord today and my swirls template should be shipped Friday. I’m anxious to get it and try it out as the quilts I’ve seen look wonderful. Mine will be the smaller version since I have a Gammill Premier. Now I just have to wait a decent amount of time before ordering the zig zag template used to quilt this one. Maybe I can convince Keith I need this one too in another 3-6 months (keep in mind I only do quilting for family and charity).

Speaking of quilting I have a small table quilt to load and start and a binding to put on before I leave so I better get to work.

Just to give Debbie a hard time – can you believe that she’s not planning to drive over from the SW side of the state to see me while I’m in Ft. Lauderdale. Don’t ask how many times I drove to see her when I was living in Florida and Georgia and they were cruising on their boat!

Playing Hooky

I had every intention of working today after walking Chesty in the park but it was such a beautiful day I decided to walk downtown rather than work.

I first went to Barnes and Nobles and bought Lean Mean Thirteen by Janet Evanovich and the latest issue of Mark Lipinski’s Quilters Home Magazine. When this magazine first came out I thought he was way over the top and trying too hard to be different and out there but I have to admit I have grown to like his outrageous comments and commentary. I’ve only seen 1 quilt pattern that interests me but I’ve been consistently buying the magazine.

Then I went and sat outside and read by the Orchestra Hall – I can’t tell you what a beautiful day it was – in fact Keith got home from Denmark and was calling my cell trying to find me because I wasn’t waiting at home for him (not that it’s a bad thing that he realizes I’m not ALWAYS waiting for him to come home).

When I got home Keith and I took Chesty for another walk in the park and then we got takeout and ate dinner on the balcony overlooking the park.

I didn’t work at all except for posting an instruction sheet for the Rectangle String quilt on MaryQuilts.com.

By the way, Debbie blogged today about the side clamps we bought at MQS – she had to convince me to try them but they are WONDERFUL – the best $20 I’ve ever spent on my longarm. She posted photos so go take a look.

It’s a wonderful day in Minneapolis

It’s sunny, breezy and cool, Chesty and I just got back from a walk in the park, AND Keith gets home late this afternoon from Denmark!

I finished the binding on my HeartStrings Rectangle Strings quilt last night – you’ve seen photos before but this is the final one. It’s in the dryer now and will be ready to donate when needed.

I also pieced the Lizard Strippie top last night – it might not look like it but these are very cute when quilted and make great donation quilts. I like to practice my border quilting in them and I’m going to look through the Frameworks book by Diana Philips that I bought at MQS to see if there’s one in there for this top. There’s an instruction sheet on MaryQuilts.com called Quick Strippie.

I finished it all

I got all the way through my to do list today. I’ve been really productive with Keith traveling so much the last couple months and it just feeds on itself. The more I get done the harder I work. Things will slow down in the next few weeks as I have a couple trips coming up.

I had one of those light bulb moments yesterday when I was finishing the quilting on Mom’s top. I never take the time to practice stitching new quilting designs because I always have another quilt to load and finish. Drawing on paper helps a lot but I like to stitch them some before using them on a quilt for the first time. I realized yesterday that if I use the extra backing at the bottom of my quilts – I can practice something every time I finish a quilt.

Here’s the Ebb and Flow pantograph on the Patriotic String Star – I like the wavy look it gives. I also finished piecing the Lizard Strippie but it was too late to get a good picture so I’ll share that one tomorrow.

My plan for day

More quilting……Keith’s in Denmark until Tuesday night and it’s raining outside (a good reason to avoid the long walk I should be taking) so here’s my plan – it’s a little ambitious so it might carry me further than today.

In no particular order

  1. Load and quilt the Patriotic String Star with the Ebb and Flow pantograph (won’t that kind of give it that wavy, flag blowing in the breeze look?)
  2. Cut and stitch the Lizard Strippie that I didn’t get to the other day
  3. Finish the binding on the Rectangle strings – just a little more than one side left to do
  4. Make some more Half Square Strings blocks

These triangles were cut for me by Mom (she helps me out in exchange for quilting services) about 4 years ago and were intended for a king size string quilt for my MIL. For many reason that I won’t go into here – that quilt was never made.

I finished one HeartStrings quilt earlier this year but the basket has been sitting by my sewing table since then waiting for me to use them up. I made a couple blocks to photograph last night as I was writing the Half Square Strings instructions to post on the MaryQuilts.com site so I’ll work on these blocks and take a break from Chinese Coins for a bit.